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  LP-IT Consulting and Development
  We realize your projects:
  • development of fast and reliable internet solutions
  • complex database projects
  • windows applications of all kinds
  • real time programming and real time data acquisition and processing
  • development of integrated hard- and software components
  • signal processing, image processing, fuzzy systems, control systems
  • visit our supplementary training portfolio: LP-IT Training

  • Several Internet Products for a better navigation and for the presentation of complex internet contents (PHP, PERL, JavaScript, HTML)
  • Development of a voting system for and with Pixelhaus, used by the VfL Bochum (PHP, GD-Lib, HTML)
  • development of an object management system prototype and integration into a commercial CAD system for CadObjects AG (Visual C++, GDL, ODBC)
  • development of a PC based ultrasound system using real time data acquisition and processing at 30 MHz (Visual C++, DirectX 6.0)
  • development of a PC based ultrasound system for real time imaging of a new ultrasound radioscopy unit using real time data acquisition and processing in cooperation with Siemens Coporate Technology (ZT-EN) (Visual C++, DirectX 6.0)
  • Client/Server application for a travel accounting system, which accesses a DB 2/2 database with Embedded SQL (Visual Basic, C, SQL, MS-Access)
  • login, data monitoring and data transfer for the juniors page of the Düsseldorfer Verkehrswacht (PERL, JavaScript, HTML)
  • automatic generation of test data and GUI-development for a complex data base application (Java, Swing)
  • design and implementation of a Neuro Fuzzy Classifier for the early detection of prostate carcinoma (MATLAB, Visual C++)
  • design and implementation of an algorithm for the contour detection in ultrasonic images using a Markov Random Field Model (MATLAB, Visual C++)


     Our expertise:
    • object oriented software design and development
    • programming skills: C/C++, Java, SQL, HTML, XML, Javascript, Basic, PERL, PHP, dBase/Clipper, Fortran, Pascal, MATLAB, Assembler: 68000, 6502, 80x86
    • data bases: DB2, MS-Access, MySQL, MS-SQL
    • techniques: internet programming, MFC, ATL, DirectX, OLE-DB, ODBC, ADO, CGI, INTEL-MMX-Programmierung, Intel-Signalprocessing-Library
    • special skills: real time programming and optimization, real time PC based data acquisition Datenaufnahme, process monitoring, quality management, image processing, digital signal processing, pattern recognition, PC based control systems, database applications
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        Please write to lplp-it.de or phone +49-234-3382654