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Ultrasound: Our expertise ...


... is the development of new ultrasonic imaging modalities and the efficient implementation of conventional imaging techniques through new software and signal processing approaches.

    Our realtime strain imaging technique is an example for this efficient implementation strategy using PC components: a former technique, which was far away from being real-time and thus clinically and commercially not important, was implemented using a novel fast signal processing approach and standard, low cost PC hardware.
The developed system acquires rf-data from a conventional ultrasound machine, performs strain imaging and displays both, the B-mode image and the strain image on the monitor of the PC in real time.
All the calculations are done by the processor of the PC reaching a frame rate of 30 Hz, calculating roughly 500.000 image pixels per second.
Currently the diagnostic impact of real-time strain imaging is investigated in a clinical trial at the Urology University Hospital in Herne.

Another example for real time prototyping is the development of an Ultrasonic Transmission Camera which is currently investigated at the Institute for Rf-Engineering at the Ruhr-University at Bochum. For this system we developed a PC-based real-time imaging software which acquires, processes and displays 25 full-size image frames per second.



What can we do for you?


We offer the development of signal processing schemes, real time imaging prototypes and software components for new and conventional imaging modalities.

Our experience in the rapid implementation of PC based imaging prototypes will enable your company to effectively reduce development costs and to come out with new or improved imaging techniques having a significantly reduced development cycle.



If you are interested ...

    ... please write to ultrasoundlp-it.de.  


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